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Let me first express my gratitude to Microsoft in Education for delivering such a wonderful and informative event. The diversity of the event helped to keep the days fun, challenging, and rewarding. The Learning-a-Thon was my most rewarding aspect of the Forum, it showed me that despite the obvious challenges we face in the classroom, if we allow collaboration to take place, solutions will naturally evolve.

We were able to view such a vast array of amazing learning activities and even more amazing student work. It showed that we can not limit our students based on what we think they can achieve; we should allow them to reach as far as their minds can perceive. Eventhough I possessed prior knowledge of the importance of technology in education, I was able to grasp a deeper understanding of its use and its impact on student's learning. We are not just teaching curriculum but content; to empower and educate. I was reminded of the necessity to cater to the whole student thus embracing the human side of learning.

This Forum has truly changed my outlook of what is possible and I am excited to see the amazing work my students will produce as we grow together!

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