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If you want the attention of 7 and 8 year old boys, just mention Angry Birds! My young students have been obsessed with the virtual world for over a year. Our curriculum includes a science unit on force and motion. How better to engage and inspire than to make use of the video game in the lessons. While gathering ideas, I turned to the ever-popular Pinterest and discovered two wonderful ways to begin. Simple to make Marshmallow Shooters and Marshmallow Slingshots will provide a situation for applying the scientific method in reality. Once the kids have experimented they will undoubtedly make the connection to the virtual world of Angry Birds and we will have a lesson they will never forget. Of course, we will actually play the game as well, applying all of the science we learned to compare and contrast the virtual world to reality! The possibilities for combining real with video games are endless. We will also use the games in Kinectimals to be aware of how our bodies move when throwing a ball at objects in an attempt to knock them over. It will be easy to set up the same situation in the classroom, throwing bean bags at stacks of objects to see if the same body movements result in success. Add in a simple lesson in how things move in a video game by experimenting with Kodu or Scratch and the kids will not only be obsessed with science, they will want to explore computer science as well! I love teaching in 2013!

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