Reading activities based on games

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Why reading is so important?

In the early stages of learning one of the most important subjects is to develop reading and writing skills. Reading a text accurately, understanding the meaning of it and being able to write a text is linked to the academic success or failure and so to the future of the student.

This is the reason why it is so important to focus on motivate and engage children in reading when they are still very young. Let us see some interesting resources I have found.

Reading activities based on games

Here are some interesting resources where your students will be able to improve their reading skills while they get fun.

  • K12 teacher. This website is aimed for teachers and parents. Here you can find plenty of reading instruction resources. There is a section dedicated to spelling where you can find spelling worksheets in pdf format to prepare spelling contests. You can use them in your class and simulate a contest. Practice in class will help them to feel more prepared, to gain expertise and to feel more confident.


  • PBS Kids. It is a learning platform plenty of educational resources for kids. There you can find a lot of educational games to reinforce the content you have already teach in class. What I really like the most is the section dedicated to reading.

There are several games where the learning objective can be improve reading, rehearse vocabulary, phonics, practice comprehension reading through storytelling, etc.

As a teacher I highly recommend you to visit the teachers section where you can find tips and tricks about how to use them with your students.


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  • The Ding! It is an interactive website to help children from 5 to 16 years old to improve their English skills by answering questions about their readings. The secret relies on the use of gamification techniques that encourage readers in the desire of reading more in order to achieve scores and keep working to achieve the top ranking.



The resources listed above are just a few examples that you can use in your classroom but of course there are more. My recommendation is to seek out educational resources in search engines focused in education such as My resource Cloud and customize your own educational equipment.

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