Beeing Entrepreneurs: A Student’s Perspective

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Our school’s motto is “Strong community, stronger individuals”. Patamäki Primary School has put extra effort in that this semester. Not only being a Pathfinder school in PIL network, which has given us a lot of new ideas, but a wake-up call from the teachers wanting to update their working culture and evaluation methods and of course offer 21st Century skills for the students.

We know how critical the dialogue between the teacher and the student is, and how easily communication can be a breakthrough or a breakdown in the success for the students.

One voice we don’t often hear from is the student perspective so I asked them about the work done in our school especially supporting students’ leadership and entrepreneurship skills.

6th grade student Paulus is the chair of student council. Led by Paulus the council has done several happenings to the school community like Valentine’s Day, Halloween and talent competition. Paulus think that the job has been hard but nice and that’s why he has had enough strength to do that after school work and hobbies which he has a lot. To be a student lead gives a lot of self-courage and skills to the future life, thinks Paulus. He is willing to take more responsibilities in secondary school where he is heading after this year. He is also happy to have an opportunity to learn 21st century skills at own school and use modern technology. Paulus is an enthusiast soccer player and wants to be professional. If not, the doctor’s profession is the second choice.

4th grade student Eemeli has worked as a CEO of one of the rehearsal companies in 3rd and 4th grade entrepreneurship project. While chatting with Eemeli he gave an image of a well behaving and ambitious young man. When participating into 3rd and 4th grade Entrepreneurship project Eemeli has had a possibility to train how to make a business plan, marketing plan and a budget. Eemeli thinks that the most important thing he has learned is how to organize things and negotiate with each other and compromise.

Our next student Nea from 4th grade was also a CEO in the project. She doesn’t have any exact future plans and wants to continue studying to find out what is her area of interest. She thinks that the Entrepreneurship project she has participated is the best project done in her school time. She recommends such a way of working warmly to other schools. Nea has learned to use OneNote, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint and Skype during the project. When asking Nea about the challenges in the project she think it has been decision making with the group. To listen other students’ opinions and collecting the necessary information for the decision has been the trickiest part of the job.

Be teachers, Be students, Be believers, Be leaders, Be astronauts, Be champions, Be truth seekers sings Script (feat. Will I Am) in the song “Hall of fame”.

The song contains a lot of dreams and goals of young students. As a primary school teacher you live a short period of their life time with them but having a huge responsibility to help them to reach their dreams. Hopefully some of our students will stand in the hall of fame of their own.

Jukka Miettunen pedagogical manager Maikkula Comprehensive School, Patamäki unit Oulu, Finland

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