Student Voice and Peaceful Ghanaian Elections by Samuel Afoakwah, teacher at Twene Amanfo Senior High/Technical School, Ghana.

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Young people have unique perspectives on events and things that are going on around them and often would like to be able to express their thoughts and convictions. They would love at the end of the day, to express themselves and solicit the responses of adults, particularly when it comes to important topics such as the general elections. In doing so, they learn so much more beyond the classroom that we can imagine. We at Twene Amanfo Senior High believe that students should be afforded the opportunity to actively shape their education and that our students should have the ability to influence learning to include policies, programs, and principles.

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The purpose of our project is to help students to explain the concept of peaceful elections, identify the various ways of ensuring peaceful elections, collaborate among themselves, with teachers, other schools, the media and the general public and to educate the public on ways of ensuring peaceful elections using educational materials developed. As Ghana prepares for general elections amidst fears of possible electoral violence as exhibited in other African countries, students were tasked to find the various ways of ensuring peaceful elections. Students engaged the public, some state institutions and other students through interviews and the administration of questionnaires manually and online to solicit their views on the topic. Upon the analysis and evaluation of the results, students used their findings to do peer and public education. Not only were they able to bring their opinions to the forefront but with the information collected from the interviews, they were able to present the views of their community and community leaders as well.

In the next few blogs, I will walk you through how this project was implemented in our classroom and the results that we saw as students begun to present their thoughts and findings. Follow my blog!!

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