Integrating technology everywhere leads to every student learning

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At Darcy Ribeiro Public School, Brazil, a Microsoft Pathfinder School, integrating technology and promoting group actions that enable all students to acquire a high-quality education, is critical in student learning.

For students

  • Give students instruments to help them develop personal and collective projects by focusing on learning specific skills.
  • Involve students in their own learning and citizenship-building processes.
  • Help students develop self-assessment and autonomy in decision-making, giving them conditions that meet their rights as children and teenagers in society.

For the Board of Directors

  • Serve as part of democratic management, facilitate teamwork, and focus their involvement and commitment on making decisions and executing the project.
  • Make the project feasible considering each one’s potential, material and financial resources, and available time.

For teachers and staff

  • Carry out continuous scientific training of all staff.
  • Develop staff autonomy in taking part in and developing school projects.
  • Foster personal and professional development.

For parents and community

  • Involve parents and community in building knowledge of the school by participating in practical actions, project follow up, informational meetings, debates, and workshops

At Darcy Ribeiro, technology is seen as a resource to be used in all areas, with the school’s focus on “each and every student learning.” The school develops projects that relate diverse knowledge areas to each other, and it also allows students to build their knowledge through the interaction they have with their environment (people, space, time, and instruments). The school strives to help students become interested and motivated in searching for information as a way of building knowledge.

See the case study below for more details on what Darcy Ribeiro Public School is doing today.

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