Student Voice and Peaceful Ghanaian Elections - The Organisation of the Project

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Student Voice and Peaceful Ghanaian Elections by Samuel Afoakwah, teacher at Twene Amanfo Senior High/Technical School, Ghana. A few weeks ago, I’ve laid out the purpose and overview of my project. For todays’ post, we will dive into the execution and work flow of the project. If you haven’t read my previous post, you can find it here:

To begin, Students administered questionnaires, conducted interviews, analyzed and evaluated results on their authenticity and validity. This required students to interact among themselves, community members and some state institutions.

I adopted the inquiry, discussion, role play (Drama) and brainstorming methods of teaching that placed the student at the center of learning. The small group technique was largely used to engage students in their studies.

Similarly, students made use of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Excel, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Live, Research Songsmith, Auto Photo Collage among others to collect, process, present and share their results.

A peace song that was composed with Microsoft Research Songsmith can be found here: and a choral song as found:

Peace Song Track

Choral Song Performance

Choral Script

Choral Script

They also wrote a drama, performed in class and at public educations. The links to the drama are: and:

Drama on Peaceful Elections at Public Education

Drama on Peaceful Elections in Class

The next blog will cover the learning experience and results of the project. Follow my series and thank you!

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