XBROX360: the iConnect Project

Gold level

Published on 11/22/2012

Learning objectives

  • literary analysis and comprehension from both local and global cultural perspectives.
  • literacy connections and written literary reviews as a result of global collaboration.
  • to utilize technology and gaming as a way to deepen literary understanding and the cultural significance of literature.
Created for

Ages 8 - 10



Computer Science

Digital/Media Literacy




Language arts and literacy

Natural Sciences

Social Studies


Twenty-first century skills

21st Century Skills



Knowledge building & critical thinking

Global awareness & civic literacy

ICT for learning

Problem solving & innovation (creativity)

Featured tools

Bing™ Translator

Microsoft OneNote
Microsoft Powe...
Microsoft Word
Required hardware




Instructional approach

Project based learning (PBL)

Learning activity details

Participants of this innovative reading collaboration are committed to reading the Magic Tree House series of fiction and non-fiction companion books by Mary Pope Osborne. Throughout this journey, we will be sharing the joy of reading with students around the world from over 7 different countries. Students will share through social networking sites such connections as: reading responses, book analysis, author studies, and more. They will also be engaged in a multimedia collaboration and compete with each other in expressing their literary experience using Web 2.0 tools, gaming, and community service projects. Students will work together in mixed groups from around the world and submit their work for judging. The winners of the multimedia fair will receive a spotlight on the MyMTH wiki as well as certificates and a My MTH prize! Students are packing their backpacks and getting their passports ready for the adventure of a lifetime!
With the XBROX360 idea, students become active players in their educational game. Each player will create an avatar that can be upgraded as they unlock features by mastering skills and levels. The TEKS in our state standards are the levels. Each day, students will rotate through activities and learning using integrated technology and gain the skills they will need to face the ultimate challenge of demonstrating a level of mastery on the TEKS. Students will utilize Web 2.0 tools to learn and demonstrate learning. Students will earn and collect badges that will be displayed on their wikispace page. The idea is that kids spend as much time playing games as a part time job (sometimes more) because they are willing to fail 80% of the time because they are confident that with more game play and harder work, they will succeed in beating the level or the game. I want my students to feel that drive in class. The research from Dr. Jane McGonical, author of Reality is Broken, is the inspiration behind this innovative experiment of classroom structure and delivery of curriculum. It is the creative and innovative use of technology that truly makes this a "game changer" for students.

I came up with the "iConnect" concept through while thinking about ways to bring a more well-rounded, meaningful learning experience to my students. As part of the iConnect movement in my class this year, our focus is on how we connect to our curriculum and making connections across our curriculum, but more importantly, how we connect to each other and our world. Through the overlying iConnect concept, we will be connecting with authors and discussing the joy of the writing process, the deeper meanings and effects of good literature, and exploring a variety of genres and writing styles. We will also be connecting with classes across the world in a literary fair that brings an engagement in reading and understanding text that also teaches an appreciation for new cultures and ideas. As Brockstars, it is our ambition to connect with others in meaningful ways to enhance learning for all. We have several projects this year that will do just that. This wiki will showcase our work and the effects of our iConnect movement and culminate here on this page with our iConnect projects about how we individually made significant connections in our world that brought about a change. Our learning is not just for us, but for us to use to make an impact on our community. Through the iConnect concept, we will take our learning to the next level and hopefully inspire others to connect in new ways in their own lives.

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