Using technology to promote teaching and learni

Bronze level

Published on 10/2/2012

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Learning objectives

  • - To raise the quality of the results and % of passes
  • - To inspire my kids to strive for excellence
  • - To boost up the confidence of my children through Peer Tutoring
Created for

Ages 11 - 13




Mathematics (All)

21st Century Skills



Knowledge building & critical thinking

Global awareness & civic literacy

ICT for learning

Problem solving & innovation (creativity)

Featured tools

Expressions® E...

Microsoft Math...
Microsoft OneD...
Microsoft Powe...
Microsoft Word

Mouse Mischief

Partners in Le...

Required hardware


Instructional approach

Independent study

Learning activity details

In Mauritius, it is strongly believed that private tuition is a sine qua non condition for success, so this leads to an abuse. I myself was a victim because my parents being poor could not pay tuition fees, like this there are so many who are penalised and ultimately get trapped into a vicious circle of poverty. I was lucky enough to struggle and successfully reach Royal College thanks to free education granted by the Father of The Nation, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam. I was determined to come up with an alternative to the actual educational system that is why I opted for a career as a primary school teacher.

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