To BETT or not to BETT - that is the question.

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As always the New Year got off to a bang, well more of a crunch or a rip really, as boxes were opened and stands erected at the annual education technology sales fest that is the BETT Show. ( Did you go? Have you been before? What are your thoughts? From a Microsoft perspective it was a successful event, a packed stand, loads of demos, a school tour visit to the Twickenham Academy ( and a BETT Award to the brilliant Uk Partners in Learning team for their use of Kodu ( Alongside the show itself Microsoft ran ministry level workshops and seminars, hosted over 100 minsters of education and delivered two hands on workshops to global educators and trainers –the Design and Deployment workshop for the successful implementation of a 1:1 program and our very own Training Providers workshop. I was very proud to run an Inclusion seminar to ministers and senior policy makers from the Middle East and North Africa region which included a great case study presentation from a school in Bristol (UK) on how they support the learning and achievements of all students. You can watch their video case study here in English and here with Arabic subtitles Our Training Providers workshop was brilliant, we had people from the UK, Ireland, Greece, Romania, Sri Lanka, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Latvia. A lot of fun and learning took place and the fortunate participants even received a free Surface to help them with their training! If any of the London gang are reading this please share your thoughts with us. Was the training useful? What key learnings did you make? What are your plans for using the resources on We will be running further workshops in the next few months –Dubai 25th to 27th February, Colombia 22nd to 25th April and Malaysia dates to be announced but probably late March. Speak to your local Microsoft representative and sign up!

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