Benefits of using Game-Based Learning in Education

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In early ages it is common for parents and educators to use game-based learning technics or methods to ease his learning process. However, as the child grows up the use of them decreases and for some teachers, games in education are no longer a choice. Let us see some of the benefits of using games in education.

What is Game-Based Learning?

It is known as a Game-Based Learning (GBL) the learning method of using games while teaching a subject. It means that the games that are used for this purpose have been designed with the idea of achieving learning outcomes.

Some benefits of using Game-Based Learning

  • Get students attention. Students easily engaged to game activities due to their willingness in playing.

  • Students get a positive experience about learning. The use of games encourages students to keep learning and to erase the idea that learning is boring.


  • Rememorize concepts or facts. Activities such as solving a crossword or alphabet soup are activities more engaging than a regular test. Prepare some contests such as “Who wants to be a millionaire” or “The wheel of fortune”. Encourage students to work in teams to achieve the goal where their knowledge is the clue to succeed.

  • Reinforce and consolidate knowledge in a friendly environment. The most effective way to turn content in something meaningful is to find out where and when to use it. With games students can reinforce and consolidate their knowledge through practicing and getting reward for their achievements.

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  • Understand the consequences of our choices. Using games enables users to understand the consequences of their choices. In other words, the students learn through experiences, through trial and error. Games offer a safety environment to test and learn through mistakes so the information becomes meaningful when students understand its use.


Games can be your best ally to turn the information in meaningful content. You do not have to throw away your traditional methods and use only game-based learning. Instead try to merge traditional methods with the new ones to make your classes more engaging so students get a positive experience of the learning process.

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