Radom Technical School creating innovations

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Teachers of Radom Technical School (Poland) show creativity for diversification of their teaching. Within the entire school year they are organizing a lot of events (undertakings) creating the impression that every day is bringing something new, interesting for both students and teachers. This variety is aimed at raising attraction of the school , process of knowledge and ability acquisition . Simultaneously, it develops effectiveness of acquiring and using acquired knowledge.

These are a few examples from the routine work of our teachers. Seminars, with the participation of top class specialists from different fields, for students and teachers are held in our school.

Renewable Sources of Energy Conference can be a flagship event in which university professors and specialists from the renewable energy field are speakers. It is the annual event which has been organized for many years. Another popular event amongst young people is IT conference organized by Radom Technical School every year. It is a further example of delivering to pupils the possibility of the contact with new technologies and IT academic teachers.

Involving pupils in the organization of great mass parties can be another example. It is a test for them confirming their organizational abilities, their creativity, responsibility and ability of the work in the large team. Moreover, both teachers and students take up work above building the techno-didactic base of the school. They contribute to the assistance in creating the software or devices for using during classes. They draw up instructions for tasks under the supervision of their teachers. They also prepare displays to chosen issues. Every year students do the practice in various ,leading companies related to their class specializations. They produce functional products as a result of the practice.

These examples show that work of the teacher at our school is not only running educational classes. It is also a hard work associated with seeking new solutions, getting new ideas to gain students` attention, creating the teaching tools so that the school is more attractive for learners. The awareness of quickly changing world causes that we are seeking new ideas using the possibility of the involvement in trainings using international contacts. We are trying to hold the permanent light switch with all sorts of schools worldwide. Today without such an exchange of experiences and information we would stay back. Contacts are just inspiring it and cause that more and more new ideas for the education arise.

Watching all these actions it is possible to notice leaders looming into view of the education. We can clearly appoint leaders who are making a mark in terms of the creativity or a flair for organization. These people are a driving force in our school. Wystawa_Mózg_2013Wystawa_Mózg_2013OZE_2014Tranemo_SzwecjaWystawa_Mózg_2013

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